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Welcome to Easy Home. Simply Stated, we are innovators and leaders with passion for designing and building the best homes around our city of Bangalore. During your journey from inception to completion, there will be many obstacles and design elements to workout. Easy Home specializes in providing turnkey architectural solutions that alleviates any stress and other difficulties. Our in-house architects work side-by-side with you to tease out a perfect design that meet your needs. Rest easy knowing that all our architects at Easy Home perform at the highest caliber and are dedicated to making your dreams a reality.

 At the core of our business model are standards that keep us innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable. By keeping every aspect of your build in-house, we have the power to deliver a superb level of quality and precision. Architects, Contractors, Interior-Designers and Legal Experts all work under the flag of Easy Home. This creates unparalleled levels of Accountability and Transparency that you will not find with any other company. Our synergy is a direct result of our focus on principles and values over profits. Over the years, we have learned that ultimate customer satisfaction is more important than anything else.

Call us at +91 76761 21142 to schedule a free consultation with our design experts. The journey towards owning your dream home starts today.

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Residential Architects in Bangalore, Now in Koramangala.


With Easy Home, our word means everything. Have ultimate peace of mind that when we say something, we mean business. 

With over 20 completed projects, we are proud to show you our previous works. There is something special about the word trust. When you trust us to bring your dream home into reality, we are entering into lifelong relationship. A partnership where you will always remember us, and we will always remember you. We want you to feel proud in your home. Get ready to experience a rush of pure excitement.



Having incredible ethics means Easy Home is 100% trustworthy. Our company was founded to make your dreams a reality. Simply imagine the possibilities.

Creating quality, energy efficient homes that reduce your carbon footprint is what we are passionate about. As World-class developers, our mission is centered around protecting the environment, delivering quality work, and being leaders in our community. We strive to always communicate effectively, and keep you informed on our process as we move along. Making sure that we foster a win-win situation for everyone is absolutely necessary.


Join our family of happy owners & profitable investors who absolutely love what we do. No other team can deliver the quality and results that we can. 


We maintain a delicate balance between functionality, and design. Taking pride in our work is why we are recognized as leaders. Completing your project with diligence and excellence is always our priority. Our core values are rooted in quality craftsmanship and impeccable due diligence. As a company, we take pride in delivering outstanding value, and wonderful homes for our customers. When we select a team of architects, and contractors, we always make sure that they have the same values and principles as us.

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Easy Home Architects in Bangalore.

Easy Home specializes in providing comprehensive architectural solutions from inception to completion. Our award winning team of architects, contractors, interior designers, and legal experts work hand in hand all under one roof. We will design and construct your home with emotion, passion, and a genuine love for creating. As you view the finished product, those same emotions will carve a space in your heart. Easy Homes job is not complete until you and your family feel 100% comfortable.


The architectural division of Easy Home stands far apart from our competition. Our knowledge of construction methods, new technologies, modern processes, smart home fixtures, and eco-friendly design is unparalleled. Take a step into the future when your home plans are designed by Easy Home. One of our most recognized services is developing Home Plans for our customers. If you are looking to build a home, then you need the plans. We will take care of your Home Plans for any home built in India. You can feel confident that your Home Plans will be best in class for design, style, fluidity, & sustainability. Hope to hear from you soon!

Architect Led Construction.

As your full service, comprehensive development firm, we take everything from A-Z. After the design phase, & obtaining the proper permissions to build, we will break ground. This is always the most exciting stage for everyone. By using our sophisticated tracking platform, we maintain full transparency while we build. Always have real time access to how the project is coming along. By working with an all-inclusive firm like Easy Home your project will be completed ahead of schedule and perhaps under budget.

Interior Design.

Now that you have a beautifully constructed, brand new home, what next? The interior design division of Easy Home will get started. Throughout the planning, and building of your home, we will discuss your ideal interior design ideas and dreams. Whether your want your home to resemble a lush green oasis, or the modern minimalist, we will do it. Our well known interior designers will get to work in bringing out the dream theme you have always wanted. Don’t worry, our team is well qualified and can deliver a turnkey solutions for you. When you arrive, and enter your new kingdom, everything from towels to silverware will be ready. Enjoy!


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In order to foster increased transparency, we have developed a way for you to monitor and control the build process. Using our technology platform to keep an eye on our residential architects in Bangalore means that you are with us during each step of the way. Our world-class team utilizes a design methodology that centered around the architect. Using this innovative, and efficient approach to the build process, we have already delivered 20 homes within our proposed timelines and budgets. We want to feel adjust, centered, and conscious — yet it can likewise cause us to feel restless, so we drink CBD coffee, increment our pulse, and give us some anxiety.

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We take pride in showing you what we are capable of. Take a look at the past projects we have completed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Easy Home.

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Modern designs that convey what we call complex simplicity is our speciality. They say, “Less is more”. With Easy Home you are guaranteed that your home will be built with the latest and greatest of design methods. Everything from sustainability to nature is taken into consideration.

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Finishing the construction of your home is only half the battle. The other half starts when we begin curating your interior design. Easy Home guarantees that we are your full service provider that delivers TurnKey solutions.

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